Cyclops Gnome
Courtesy of Gare, Inc.
Christmas Tree Gnome Light-Up #5362
Christmas Tree Gnome Lantern #5372
2314 Black Lab
2300 Polar Bear
2303 Lime Ricky
2359 Lime Light
2304 Green Acres
2392 Rockin’ Red
2369 Cream Puff
2389 Sammy Salmon
2375 Jumpin’ Jelly
Other Materials:
Dotting tool
Soft fan brush
#6 Round brush
Liner brush
Keep the photo of the sample on hand to refer to throughout the process.
Step 1: Apply 3 good coats of Black Lab to the tree top and let it dry. Dab on some
Rockin’ Red (heavily) onto the tree tips. Allow the red to drip.
Creating the “Eye”
Step 2: Apply 2 coats of Cream Puff to the “eye”, blending some Sammy Salmon in
around the edge. Do this in a circular motion while the paint is still wet to feather the
colors together. Let it dry.
Step 3: Place a guide dot in the center of the eye.
Note: this can be done with a little Black Lab – it’s a guide only and will be painted
Step 4: Water down some Rockin’ Red. Use a liner brush to create the blood vessels
in the eye. Add a little of the watered-down red to the interior edge of the eye (where
the eyeball meets the beard and tree) – creating a red outline around the interior eye.
Next, drag the veins from the red outline towards your guide dot in the center of the
Step 5: With your 3 shades of green (Green Acres, Lime Ricky & Lime Light) create
your iris. Use a liner brush to drag away from your guide dot stopping halfway
between your guide dot and the edge of your eyeball – refer to the picture.
Note: Alternate colors light to dark to create a realistic iris look. Create the entire
round iris and let it dry. Once dry, add a bit of Polar Bear on top to create some glare
– refer to the image.
Step 6: Outline your iris with your liner brush and some Black Lab.
Step 7: Use a dotting tool and some Black Lab to add the pupil in the center of the
iris. If you don’t have a dotting tool, you can use the back of a brush.
Step 8: Allow the pupil to dry and add a dot of Polar Bear to the pupil for the catchlight/ glare.
Step 9: Apply (a combined) 3 coats of Lime Light and Lime Ricky to the beard
allowing the colors to blend together in the crevasses to create some shadows. Use
one brush and alternate between colors without rinsing.
Step 10: Add some Jumpin’ Jelly lines from the base of the eye down about half way
– refer to the picture for details. Add a few from the bottom of the beard dragging
upward as well. Add some darker Black Lab accents on top.
Step 11: Paint the backside of the gnome with Lime Ricky. Splatter a little Black Lab
on to it.
Pro Tip: Use a toothbrush, add a drop of water and pull backwards on the bristles.
Note: Light pressure on the tip of the tooth brush gives you better control, the glaze
will come off the tip of the bristle if you pull lightly.
Step 12: Paint the feet black with 3 coats of Black Lab.