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Birds on a Wire Birdhouse


Project Plans


Birds on a Wire Birdhouse


What You’ll Need:

Bisque QTY

Simply Cottage Birdhouse (Item 5377)

Color QTY Size

Polar Bear (Item 2300)


Lime Ricky (Item 2303)


Blue Heaven (Item 2305)


Black Lab (Item 2314)


Jumpin’ Jelly (Item 2375)



Step 1: Squeeze out small amounts of Lime Ricky, Blue Heaven and Jumpin’ Jelly onto to a small paper plate or a flat glazed tile because you will be using all these colors at the same time. Wet a round synthetic sponge and just ring some of the water. Dip the wet sponge into all the colors and apply sporadically to the entire birdhouse. The idea is to have enough water in the sponge so the you get a rainbow of colors that don’t look heavy. The colors should be light as you see in the photo. This should dry pretty quickly.



Step 2: Trace the circle (moon) onto the left side of the bird house then clean out the circle with a damp sponge. Apply 2 coats of Polar Bear to the moon.



Step 3: Trace the rest if the pattern onto tissue paper using a pencil. Place tissue paper onto the birdhouse and trace with a water based marker. The marker will bleed through the tissue paper to give you a template to follow and will burn off in the kiln.



Step 4: Using Black Lab from a Fun Writer bottle. Fill in all the birds and the wire with one coat. Try and have the wire meet on each side to wrap around the birdhouse. You can also apply the Black Lab with a brush if you prefer.



Step 5: Dip into clear glaze and fire to cone 06