create any walk-in activities in our craft room

Walk in hours are a great option for all ages!  Welcome to our own little piece of Arts & Crafts paradise!

Choose from hundreds of self-guided projects including open canvas paint, glassware, paint-your-own ceramics, wood and paper mache.  You all have full access to our Craft Bar of embellishments.  Add bows, glitter, stencils and more.  You are the artist in charge!


Explore.  Create.  Get wild!

We have all of the options you could want – and we clean up the mess!

Canvas painting

The studio is yours!  You have full access to all paints and brushes.  Bring an idea or draw inspiration from our ever-growing gallery.

wood Projects

Enjoy a variety of wood hangers, birdhouses, photo holders and more. You paint, stencil and decorate.

pottery painting

Choose from 100’s of different ceramic pieces, all kiln-fired and food safe. Pieces will be ready for pickup in 7-10 days.

glass painting

You’ll have open access to all of our enamel paints, glassware, bottles and more!

on-trend crafts

We are always adding fun on-trend crafts and add-ons to the craft bar. See what on-trend crafts we have as options when you walk-in.

Embellish it with Glitter, ribbons, buttons, yarn, twine, stamps, stencils and more. 

All from the Craft Bar.

Pottery.  Fired with care.

All CERAMIC items made shiny & food safe.  Ready in 7-10 days.

Art on the Rocks


Studio hours

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